MOBASOLAR and its team have continually developed the organizational structure of projects and always sought to achieve the technical and structural optimization of a photovoltaic plant. The engineering and design office carries out research and development work on a daily basis.

The team feeds off the needs and constraints of its customers and seeks alternative and innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector, in particular photovoltaic. Innovation is at the heart of its strategy and its development.

Products which are vectors of energy

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Innovation over time




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At the heart of the challenges

After only one year of existence, in 2010, MOBASOLAR won the photovoltaic project for the completion of the domed roof of the Cave de Turckheim wine cellars. The technical challenge of this project lay in the implementation of framed photovoltaic modules on a rounded roof.

MOBASOLAR and its engineering and design office met all of the final customer’s technical and architectural requirements. The photovoltaic modules are “inserted” in the assembly structure, known as SNAPLOCK™, a mounting system developed by MOBASOLAR. No panels are therefore screwed or connected to the earth by a cable.

The engineering department also sought to optimize the production of this system and achieved a specific structured layout.

Some figures

Over 5 million units of the Terragrif™ have been sold to date and they equip the largest photovoltaic plants in the world. The last project dates back to July 2015 with the CESTAS photovoltaic plant near BORDEAUX, with 1 million Terragrif™ installed.

Patented solutions

As the photovoltaic panels of the Turckheim wine cellars were not screwed on, Marc Keller, our engineer and technical manager, worked on a solution involving the earthing of the panels in relation to the mounting rail, without any wiring or screw/nut mechanism on the panel’s frame.
In March 2011, the individual earthing connection device was created and patented : it was to be identified by the trademark Terragrif™.

This technical solution is innovative. It makes it possible to do away with the cable system connecting the panels to one another, it considerably reduces the quantity of cable used and significantly lower the costs involved.

Presentation of
the Cestas photovoltaic power plant

Innovative partnerships

Our company’s areas of research are extensive. In addition to technological optimization, the MOBASOLAR team strives to propose optimum solutions to its customers : installers, businesses, local authorities…

Since 2012, our company has developed a partnership with the Dutch company SANTON. This company designs, produces and markets automatic electric arc detection and protection tools. MOBASOLAR and SANTON are in direct contact and work together on the imprementation of these safety tools in France.

Vision focused on the future

As early as 2013, MOBASOLAR raised the awareness of private individuals, installers and local authorities with regard to photovoltaic energy alternatives.

Photovoltaic energy has rapidly growing potential, where the producer becomes a proactive consumer : producing, managing and consuming their own energy.
As a pioneer, MOBASOLAR develops innovative concepts for local production of photovoltaic energy.

Clean energy, local energy, efficient energy, MOBASOLAR offers photovoltaics in various patented products and registered designs :

– 2015 : Commercialization of MOBASOL™ : the dual-axis tracker.

– 1st quarter of 2016 : development of the MOBASOL™ V : standalone production and bike charging system.

– Other products are under development and will be the subject of communication during the 2nd quarter of 2016.

The MOBASOLAR team looks forward to offering you some surprising products which meet the energy efficiency needs of private individuals, professionals, industrialists and local authorities.

Each and every day, you, the producers, users and consumers of energy are the source of our work. MOBASOLAR is tuned into your questions and needs. The energy of tomorrow will be an energy which is at your fingertips and is harnessed and optimized.

Contactez-nous et construisons ensemble notre avenir énergetique !

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